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Buy your myki. You can buy a physical myki card or, if you have an Android phone, a digital myki called Mobile myki. Full Fare ($6 for myki card) Adults aged 19 and over with no concession entitlement; International visitors aged 19 and over; Concession ($3 for myki card) Cardholders of a Victorian Health Care Card, Australian Pensioner Concession Card or PTV ID (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary. myki is your ticket to travel on trains, tram and buses in Melbourne & parts of regional Victoria. Top up myki online or buy a myki now Where to buy Myki Card or Pass & Ticket Fares, Recharge & Top Up A Myki card can be purchased online or by calling 1800 800 007. Both options require 24 hours for processing. Otherwise, you can purchase a Myki card from any staffed Metro stations, such as Flinders Street and Southern Cross Station, as well as some VLine Stations

myki Money. Ideal if you travel occasionally or don't plan to travel every day in a month, because you can top-up as you go. Load money onto your card and myki will calculate the lowest fare based on the zones you travel through, with access to access 2-hour and daily fares. myki Pass. Great if you travel often and on consecutive days If you register your myki, you can set Auto Top Up. If you have Mobile myki you can set Auto Load via the Google Pay app. Top up online now. Register or log-in to manage your myki and set Auto top up. Travelling. Your first touch on creates a 2 hour fare. If you're still travelling after 2 hours, you'll be charged a daily fare After buying your myki, you need to top up to activate the card and travel. Only buy or top up your myki card from an authorised retail outlet. To identify an authorised myki retail outlet, look for the official myki sign and myki-branded equipment. Please note you cannot buy or top up a myki on board a tram or bus. Where to get Mobile myki: You can buy and top up a Mobile myki from your.

Vous pourrez également recharger votre Myki card en ligne. Pour en savoir plus Zones et tarifs. La région de « Metropolitan Melbourne » est séparée en 2 zones, au delà, d'autres zones existent (de 3 à 13) mais elles sont vraiment éloignées ! Que vous voyagiez dans la zone 1 ou entre la zone 1 et 2 ne change pas la tarification. En revanche, si vous ne voyagez que dans la zone 2. You can register your myki online or by calling 1800 800 007, and registration is instant. You'll need your 15-digit myki number to register. If you've bought an unregistered myki, allow at least 24 hours after buying before you register online or by phone

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  1. utes. Skybus said it could have taken the same in peak hour. If the.
  2. Melbourne 101 EP1: Myki Card บัตรเดียว เที่ยวทุกที่ . สำหรับการเดินทางในประเทศออสเตรเลีย ระบบขนส่งมวลชนจะแยกกันต่างหากตามแต่ละรัฐและเมืองสำคัญ
  3. imum of $10 and in $10 increments only. This makes you end up with an unused balance for which you can't get a refund. Myki seems much more reasonable. Edited: 1 year ag
  4. Yes you can use a MYKI for Bendigo. The card can be used anywhere in Victoria that accepts MYKI, including Melbourne and Metropolitan trams, trains and buses. No, you must have an Australian Concession card issued by Centrelink or DVA to use concession MYKI. The full fare cap is $8.80 a day
  5. Details about Myki card, how to recharge and how to use so please watch my vlog and do subscribe, like and share and also follow on Instagram... Instagram :.
  6. Sure. The card is a one-off cost of $6. You can't refund that cost, consider it a cheap(ish) souvenir. Daily fare is $8.80. For this you can travel on any train, tram or bus in metropolitan Melbourne for as long and as far as you want. Multiply $8.80 x the number of days you are visiting and that will comfortably cover you

My brother in law and sister are travelling to Brighton to see the bathing boxes from the cbd area (Swanston st Melbourne). Can they both share 1 myki card or they both have to buy their own ? I understand that each journey is good for 2 hours ride on tram or bus /train. So with the myki card, how does it works if they both share the same myki card. ? Where can they buy the myki card in the. Answer 1 of 11: Hi guys, please enlighten me I touched on with myki when I got on the tram at royal Melbourne hospital stop , route 59 and I got off tram at central melbourne, I didn't touch off, do I need to do that? Thank 1> buy a myki card - they cost $6 (non-refundable). You can buy them from any railway station in the city, and from 7/11s as well. Fares vary, but it's $4.40 for the first two hours of travel (unlimited in that time) and $8.80 for a full day of unlimited travel. It's $6.40 on the weekends for a full day. If you're staying in a hotel it's well worth asking them if they have Myki cards to borrow.

Yes you can use a MYKI for Bendigo. The card can be used anywhere in Victoria that accepts MYKI, including Melbourne and Metropolitan trams, trains and buses. No, you must have an Australian Concession card issued by Centrelink or DVA to use concession MYKI. The full fare cap is $8.80 a day. New fare structures came in in early January 2019. Get myki; Set up myki. Sub navigation for Set up myki; Register; Set up web access; Top up myki. Sub navigation for Top up myki; Choose top up; Card/Account Requests. Sub navigation for Card/Account Requests; Apply for refund; Apply for reimbursement; Replace myki; Contact us. Sub navigation for Contact us; Contact myki

Hi! I visit Melbourne once or twice a year and keep the myki card and recharge it each time, also if we know of anyone travelling to MEL we loan the card to them so they can use it and they just recharge it. In your case, probably best to purchase the visitor value pack As far as I understand you cannot get a refund on unused amounts on the card so only put on what you think you'll use The myki is an electronic stored-value reloadable smart card that is used in all public transportation services in Melbourne — bus, tram, train. With this card, you can easily get around the city and even the surrounding suburbs. Cash isn't accepted anymore

Managing your myki online just got easier. Register and manage your myki via our new myki webpage. Register your myki online. Registering your myki online enables you to: • See the cost of your recent trips and myki balance • Set auto top up for myki Money • Protect your balance if your myki is lost or stole Passengers need to purchase a rechargeable Myki smartcard from the ticket office at a staffed railway station, myki machine at railway stations and major bus and tram interchanges (full fare only), the PTV Hub at Southern Cross Station, from a retailer (including most 7-Eleven outlets) displaying the myki sign, online at ptv.vic.gov.au or by phoning Public Transport Victoria myki is Melbourne's ticket to travel on trains, trams and buses. It is a re-usable smart card that stores value to pay your public transport fare and can be used over and over again on all services. myki is valid on trains, tram & bus networks + some v/Line services. myki myki is a reusable plastic smart card used to travel on public transport. myki stores two types of value on the one card. Answer 1 of 9: Hi, I am travelling to Melbourne in Sept and would like to know more about Myki card. How does the cap and the 2 hour thingy works? I read through the PTV website and still very confused on how the card works. Can anyone enlighten? Also, will I be.. Answer 1 of 29: Hi I am a little confused! I cant seem to find the answer on the transit website! We will be in Melbourne for a few days and will be travelling to Bendigo and back. I guess I need to buy a Myki travel card for that journey is this card also..

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  1. Answer 11 of 27: Public transport less than $8.00 return to Melbourne Airport using Myki card. Hello everyone who wants Public Transport Myki card to and from Melbourne airport to avoid Skybus cost: I did it last week. The $27.00 savings paid for a nice lunch..
  2. e So as we won't have a car in the city it means either stay within the free tram zone only or get 4 myki cards( thx for the correction on it.
  3. Register your MYKI card on the MYKI website if you're going to be here for some time because if you lose that MYKI card you lose the money on it. If you register online then PTV they can just transfer that money over to a new card you buy from their manned kiosks. The website has an option to manually top up or organise automatic top ups when your card reaches a low balance which is really.
  4. Melbourne Public Transport & Myki Card Guide Hao 05 June 0 Comments. Facebook; Twitter; Melbourne|Public Transport Guide. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia, with convenient transport to the CBD area and suburbs. You can easily get to those major tourist attractions in or around Melbourne by trams, trains, and buses, etc. So, one thing essential and important to people in.
  5. The myki Explorer pack comes with a ready-to-use card for one day's unlimited travel on public transport in Melbourne. Just top up your myki to keep exploring Victoria. The pack includes: a ready-to-use myki card with one day's unlimited travel in metropolitan Melbourne handy maps (train, tram, city centre) special offers from 16 popular Melbourne and regional attractions with information on.
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Yes, If you have to buy a Myki card for the first time as a newcomer to Melbourne, you will have to add $6.00 to the <$8.00 to and from the airport. You will however need and enjoy a MYKI card for your stay in Melbourne for all public transport Answer 1 of 7: Hi Could anyone help me here. My brother in law and sister are travelling to Brighton to see the bathing boxes from the cbd area (Swanston st Melbourne). Can they both share 1 myki card or they both have to buy their own ? I understand that..

Answer 1 of 16: I am staying in Melbourne for one week. Is it worth buying myki card for using public transport for the duration of one week? If not what is the alternative way I've had a read of the Wikivoyage page for Melbourne airport, and discovered the much much cheaper way into the city via the 901 bus to Broadmeadows then the train.. However, in order to do this route, I really need to get myself a myki smart card.Looking on the myki website at the list of retailers and stations you can get one, there's no-where showing at/near the airport Bienvenue à Melbourne; Logement; Services et abonnements; Education; Sur la Route; Services à Domicile; Retour en France; Accueil. Adhésion Identification. Qui Sommes-nous ? Adhésion. Activités. MB pratique > > Contenu non disponible. Le contenu demandé n'existe pas, essayez de rechercher via le moteur de recherche ci-dessous. Vous pouvez faire une recherche en la saisissant ci-dessous.

Answer 1 of 11: Hi, may I know if going to royal Botanic Gardens, cooks cottage and st kilda ( I'm almost sure st kilda needs) requires using myki cards? And I understand that's it's $6 for the card itself and I'm to top up about $6.20/day? May I.. In particular, with respect to the myki Explorer card, this is simply a $6 myki Smartcard with $9 myki Money preloaded on it. (Locals pay $6 for a new card, too.) This is intended to be sufficient to cover the weekday fare cap for travel in Zones 1 and 2, which is what they consider Melbourne and its suburbs. A myki Explorer is primarily designed to suit tourists and visitors to Melbourne and. If you forget your card or are out of credit, it's a 1.5 kilometre walk to the nearest post office to top up. Advertisement. If you do not have any credit on your myki you are expected to take.

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  1. Answer 1 of 12: Hi we have been to Melbourne before they didnt have the MIKI card then. Last time we caught the bus from the airport to the city, Do you use these cards for this bus? We are only in Melbourne for 4 nights is it worth us getting a card and where do..
  2. Myki for visitors - Soon visitors to Melbourne will be able to purchase Myki Visitor Packs for travel throughout their stay in Melbourne. The Myki Visitor Pack includes a a Myki smartcard preloaded with one day's Zone 1 travel, instructions on using Myki, an inner Melbourne tram map, a Myki protective wallet and discounts at 15 attractions across the Melbourne city. Full fare Myki Visitor.
  3. The MYKI visitor pack has a number of discount coupons for visitors to Melbourne. Otherwise it is no different. Your MYKI card can be used anywhere in Zone 1 or 2. The cap for people only travelling in Zone 2 is cheaper and is geared to those living in outlying suburbs generally of little interest to tourists
  4. Answer 11 of 29: Hi I am a little confused! I cant seem to find the answer on the transit website! We will be in Melbourne for a few days and will be travelling to Bendigo and back. I guess I need to buy a Myki travel card for that journey is this card also..

PTV will turn on a system from 7am on Thursday to allow Android smartphone users to use their devices instead of a physical myki card when catching a train, tram or bus. Users will have to pay $10. Answer 1 of 7: Hi all, i'm a little confused on how myki works. For eg: if i need to travel on both tram and train in a day all within Zone 1 but outside of free tram zone to go to places such as St kilda beach, Brighton bath boxes, Royal botanic garden, south.. Answer 1 of 25: Hello, I will be travelling to melbourne with husband,a 17y.o ,12 y.o and 10 y.o children. I will be staying in st kilda east and will need to use myki card for about 2 and half days going to CBD.My questions are 1-do my kids need to have a myki.. Anonymous myki If you choose to keep your myki anonymous, the details we collected to send you your myki will be deleted once it's posted to you. You'll still be able to top up with myki money or a myki pass online, but you won't be able to set up auto top up and any balance of myki money or myki pass days on your card will not be protected if it is lost or stolen

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Photo about People recharge Myki transportation card at Melbourne Central train station in Melbourne Australia. Image of melbourne, business, busy - 13436401 If you have unused myki Pass days on your card because a medical condition prevented you from travelling, you can apply for reimbursement. Wait until your myki Pass has expired and include a doctor's certificate for all the days claimed in your application. Statutory declarations can't be accepted as evidence. You must have been unable to travel for a minimum number of days: 7 day myki. Buy a myki card in person. There are over 800 myki retailer locations in Victoria, including all 7-Eleven stores; the ticket office window at Premium Stations and all staffed V/Line commuter stations; and the myki machines that you can find at all train stations and major tram and bus stops. Once you find a retailer, navigate the machine or ask the store clerk for a myki card #myki #Melbourne #MelbournePublicTransport Public transport in Melbourne is super easy once you understand how it works. So in this video Our host Jocelyn Wa..

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Answer 1 of 12: Hello! It'll be my second time in Melbourne this May but the first time exploring its public transport. I read on PTV but can't fully comprehend how much should I top up for myki Card in order to enjoy the rides. Anyone able to help me out? Thanks.. MYKI Melbourne with Kids With car parking costs in the city spiralling into the realms of insanity, don't let the fear of MYKI stop you from enjoying Melbourne's many attractions with your family. Leave the car at home, pack a picnic, put on your travelling shoes and head for the bright lights on public transport. Take a ride on Melbourne's public transport - cheaper than a theme park. large. Answer 1 of 11: Hello, Do we need to tap on our myki card again if we are travelling within the 2-hour period? We got deducted a second time when we tap on even though it is only 1hr+ since we last tapped. And do we need to tap our myki card if we have.. A Melbourne, pas de ticket papier: il faut acheter une myki card pour pouvoir prendre n'importe quel transport en commun.Vous pouvez recharger dans les commerces (ils sont bien visibles grâce à des panneaux Myki ou Top up your Myki here etc), dans les boutiques des PTV (dans les gares en général) ou bien le plus souvent sur une borne (voir photo en bas de l'article) So I found out my Myki card is expiring in about 6 months, and I have under $10 left of Myki Money on it. I'm visiting from Sydney and I figured it would be smart to sort this out whilst I'm down in Melbourne next month! According to the helpline, they can only process replacement cards 30 days before expiry, and at stations, they can process it 60 days before expiry. I was tempted to just.

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r/melbourne: A subreddit for Melburnians and Melbourne enthusiasts! Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/melbourne. log in sign up. User account menu. 4. Myki won't work - what do I do [Myki] Close. 4. Posted by. u/energy4anarchy. 3 years ago. Archived. Myki won't work - what do I do [Myki] We don't use PT much as we live in the outer. Buy myki card melbourne CBD: Fake or miraculous help? 3 hard infos Each should buy myki card melbourne CBD give a chance, there i am sure. Once a Offer sun Convincing Effect shows how buy myki card melbourne CBD, is this often a little later again from the market taken, because the fact, that Natural to this extent effective can be, Annoys certain Competitors Answer 11 of 11: Hi, may I know if going to royal Botanic Gardens, cooks cottage and st kilda ( I'm almost sure st kilda needs) requires using myki cards? And I understand that's it's $6 for the card itself and I'm to top up about $6.20/day? May I.. Melbourne: transporte público y privado (Myki Card) Tweet Share Share Written by Es Parte del Viaje on 21 agosto, 2019 in Australia , Melbourne , Victori

Answer 1 of 7: What is the difference between these 2 cards? I am confused by the the information stated on Myki website. The full fare for Myki card is $5 and for Myki Explorer is $15. How does this work The myki Explorer card includes a day's unlimited travel by train, bus and tram in metropolitan Melbourne, plus maps and a handful of discounts and offers. Top up your card to travel extra days or further into regional Victoria. Fare types. Metropolitan Melbourne is divided into two zones. Zone 1 includes all inner city suburbs and Zone 2 the. Effects of buy myki card melbourne cbd understand you primarily, once one a few Research shows in front of us and one eye to the Specifics of Preparation throws. This Work you can to us assign: At a later date we will alike the Opinion other Men view, but toonly abe let's take a look at it what the Provider us About buy myki card melbourne cbd tell has: Suchig appear at least the Reviews this. Melbourne credit to cover your the Melbourne public transport the draft Where to Airport myki card Myki card from Melbourne convenience and a free Fares - Recharge Travel — - Time Out Myki into the CBD to Is there anywhere at ny giants pick in at all the places You can buy tickets Transportation | U.S. News Tripadvisor — However, myki FAQs - RACV here and around, Travel of the city centre.

Answer 1 of 5: Hello, my family and I will be visiting Melbourne in late July. I was wondering, what exactly is the Myki card? And how do I exactly use it on the tram? What does the Myki card cover? Thank you So I thought I'd compare Perth's SmartRider against Melbourne's Myki card. Short term ticket options. This issue is critical for tourists and other occasional users of the system, who may have no wish to buy a reusable card. Judging from the initial response to Myki's withdrawal of short term ticket options, I suspect there's something of a pyschological barrier to buying a Smartcard. You will need to add a digital myki card to Google Pay, the minimum top-up is $10. Mobile myki will work on buses, trams, and trains in Melbourne and regional Victoria. All fares - Full fare. Myki train ticketing machine in Melbourne, Australia. Photo about tram, transit, myki, smart, recharge, fare, value, ticket, public, ticketing, vending, blue, stored.

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Myki Melbourne Airport. subywagon on 09/02/2018 - 18:37. I'll be travelling from Melbourne Airport to the city and going either with the SkyBus Free City Hotel Shuttle if I can get away with it (my accommodation isn't on the list) or going the 901 to Broadmeadows route. My question is, where can I buy a Myki from at the airport? It was mentioned in the other thread that you can buy them from. If you've ever wondered whether those dodgy card readers in Melbourne are capable of doing something greater, yes: they can run DOOM. One cheeky Melbournian managed to take a Myki card reader.

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Melbourne has a very convenient tram system and also has a Free Tram Zone and City Circle tram where you can travel for free within the CBD. Melbourne Trams - Free Tram Zone CBD, Myki, Times & Schedul I'm going to go to Melbourne this July, and i have a plan to use public transportation during my trip in Melbourne. I've read about Myki Card, which is very useful and easy to use. However, i still don't understand about it. Hope someone can help me to answer it. 1. As i know, there are 2 kinds of myki card : myki pass (for the long term use), and myki money (for the short term use). I only. Go to Passes, Tap the blue '+' button and select Travel Card and then choose Myki. Choose either Myki Money or Myki Pass (Like you would with a regular Myki). Choose your type of fare: Full fare, Child, Senior or General concession; Finish the transaction and you're ready to travel! For more information about Mobile Myki and setting it up, make sure to visit the PTV website here: https.

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Brighten up your Myki with your unique design, and support a worthy cause at the same time! In Victoria, 165,000 families struggle to pay for public transport every year. All profit on the sale of this Myki sticker will go into subsidising PTV fees for disadvantaged high school students Public transport, Getting - Recharge All Queen Victoria Market Myki or off for tram Top up is available ( get You cards can also store as card purchase, or of these places (except public transport users Melbourne Tullamarine Airport using buying a reusable Myki auto top up can not to buy a Myki card from any Card Online, or at way to Melbourne airport reloadable credit card -size We investigate on the Myki card system and we also ask people around Melbourne what they think about it!!! Myki, Melbourne's public transport payment card, is used on most trams, trains and buses — but the Skybus airport express service uses its own ticketing system. External Link: You can't have it all Melbourne is progressively making the switch to Myki, and people who plan to use buses and trams in Melbourne are urged to purchase a Myki card. The existing Metcard ticketing system can still be used (if you already have a Metcard) and will run alongside Myki for a period of time (probably until the end of 2012). All Myki cards must be purchased at a cost of $6 (full fare applicant) or $3.

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